26 juni, 2017

Invitation to apply, 2018

The French-Swedish Prize for young researchers

Invitation to apply 

Theme of 2018:

“The possibilities of digital technologies in the realization of the green, inclusive and sustainable city of the future”

The French-Swedish Prize for young researchers of 2018, which is organized by AFSR, the French-Swedish Association for Research, is strongly linked to the French and Swedish strategic partnership for innovation and green solutions. The partnership was signed by the French President Emmanuel Macron and the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in November 2017[1].

The partnership, the overarching aim of which is to deliver a brighter and sustainable future for the citizens of the two countries, covers the following four areas of cooperation:

  1. Green solutions for transport, clean energy and smart cities
  2. Green finance for climate-resilient economies
  3. Digital transformation, smart industry and start-ups
  4. Health and life sciences innovation

AFSR has decided to focus 2018 year’s prize on “smart cities”, which is part of the first of the four selected areas presented above. The inclusion of “smart cities” or, more specifically, “green, inclusive and sustainable cities” in the French-Swedish partnership is, according to the roadmap that sets out the framework for the partnership, the rapidly increasing urbanization of both countries. This creates common challenges for cities and communities in providing innovative, efficient and sustainable services.  Modern citizens, as well as businesses and visitors can be expected to select and prioritize those cities and communities capable of offering services that are customer-centric, flexible and responsive.

AFSR is strongly convinced that many of the challenges that French and Swedish cities and communities are facing can be overcome through or with the help of new digital technologies, or new applications of existing digital technologies. French and Swedish post-docs and doctoral research students within different disciplines are therefore invited to present projects focusing on the role of digital technologies in the creation of the green, inclusive and sustainable city of the future.

A winning application should meet all, or most of the following characteristics:

  • It presents ideas or solutions based on digital technologies proven or likely to be useful when solving problems or facilitating tasks related to everyday life in cities such as:
    • transportation and mobility: public and private transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, use of UAVs[2]
    • different types of monitoring: traffic, air quality, waste management, water and electricity
    • provision of elderly care
    • physical and digital delivery: food, household goods, services
  • It demonstrates an interdisciplinary understanding
  • It reflects an ability to combine a theoretical and critical approach with a concrete and operational approach
  • It is action oriented and impacts day-to-day life
  • It has a personal and innovative dimension

Available prizes

In France:

  • one prize, postdoctoral researcher: 7,000 euros
  • one prize, doctoral research student: 4,000 euros

In Sweden:

  • one prize, postdoctoral researcher: 7,000 euros
  • one prize, doctoral research student: 4,000 euros

Eligible to apply for the prize are young researchers and research students working in a French or Swedish research institution during the academic year of 2018-2019. The purpose of the prize is to reward scientific excellence of young researchers and research students in France and Sweden, and to encourage and promote scientific co-operation between the two countries. It is therefore mandatory for the applicant to present a Swedish (for French applicants) or French (for Swedish applicants) research institution or laboratory where she/he is welcome to spend a 2-4 week long (postdocs) or 2-week long (doctoral students) internship.

In addition to the prize money, the winners are entitled to a travel grant to defray travel and subsistence costs related to the internship. The travel grant is maximum 4,000 euros for postdocs and 3,000 euros for doctoral students.

The French-Swedish Prize for young researchers is organized by AFSR, the French-Swedish Research Association, under the patronage of College de France and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

For detailed instructions on how to apply, please read the attached Research Prize Regulations.

Final date for application is Monday, November 26, 2018

Further information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to info@afsr.se

[1] www.government.se/4ac900/contentassets/94aa2209382846a187f02bac9325815e/201711_lofven_macron_eng.pd

[2] UAVs = unmanned aerial vehicles or “drones”