26 juni, 2017

Research prize regulations, 2019

Research Prize Regulations, 2019


The prize is organized by AFSR, the French-Swedish Research Association, under the patronage of College de France and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. It aims to reward scientific excellence of young researchers and research students in France and Sweden, and to encourage scientific exchange between the two countries.

For the prize of 2019 the following themes have been chosen:

– The use of digital technologies to revitalize small and medium size towns which are economically distressed by the closure or disappearance of stores in the town centres due to competition from hypermarkets, malls or e-commerce. Can digital technologies provide new roles and new opportunities for inner city stores through new order and delivery systems (?last mile delivery solutions?), new payment systems, new technical solutions such as ?in-fridge-delivery?, new ways of offering access to local products etc.? Can they generate new visitors by enhancing tourism and entertainment through new ways of communicating offers, information and itineraries, and facilitating reservations?

– The potential of digital technologies in enhancing urban safety and securityPossible areas to focus on and discuss: Urban lighting (and use of improved lighting techniques), video cameras (coupled with lighting infrastructure) for street surveillance, control of mobility, use of parking facilities, monitoring of environmental data. How is the data transmitted and analyzed? What types of big data analytics, intervention systems and predictive policies are applied?

Conditions and eligibility criteria

Eligible to apply are young researchers or research students working at a French or a Swedish research institution during the academic year of 2018-19. Applicants should demonstrate an interest in actively participating in research co-operation between the two countries.

Two categories of applicants

Postdoctoral researchers

This category is open to applicants who received their doctoral exam no longer than six years ago (2013), and who are working at a research institution in either France or Sweden. The applicants are asked to present a summary in English of their published research results, and to demonstrate their relevance with respect to the theme of the 2019 year’s prize.

Doctoral research students

This category is open to young research students working on their doctoral thesis at a French or Swedish research institution. The applicants are asked to present a scientific document of relevance with respect to the theme of the 2019 year’s prize.

Application requirements

Applicants of both categories should present a complete application via e-mail to: info@afsr.se on Friday, October 26, 2019 at the latest.